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A majority of people in Wales feel comfortable talking about bowel screening

The latest results from Public Health Wales’ Time to Talk Public Health panel survey show that around 8 in 10 people would feel comfortable talking to friends and family, and to a healthcare professional about bowel screening.

Digital Healthcare: Public Health Wales launches a new Digital and Data Strategy to enhance health data accessibility, quality, and security

Our new Digital and Data Strategy will help us use the power of digital and data technology to protect and improve the health and well-being of people in Wales and to reduce health inequalities.

Health Impact Assessment approach aids public sector bodies in development of climate change adaptations

Research by Public Health Wales, along with the consultancy Urban Habitats, has shown the value of using a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) when developing adaptations to climate change.

A review of international evidence and country experiences has found evidence that multi-sectoral policies may reduce health inequities

The International Horizon Scanning and Learning Report 46: Five Essential Conditions for Health Equity examined determinants of health inequity and highlighted five policy areas where action could be taken to reduce inequity. 

High quality provision is essential if free school meals and free childcare are to improve our children's health

Roll-out of free school meals and childcare must not compromise on quality if we are to safeguard the health of those most disadvantaged.

University students urged to put vaccination on their to do list to avoid serious illness

Public Health Wales is urging new and current students arriving at university this autumn to ensure that they are up to date with all their childhood vaccinations, and so avoid serious illnesses such as meningitis, measles and septicaemia.

Public Health Wales has published guidance for addressing vaping among secondary school-age learners

Public Health Wales has produced an information and guidance resource on vaping for secondary-aged learners in Wales.

Wales has seen a downward trend in rates of tuberculosis (TB) over the last decade

Wales has seen a 36 per cent decrease in the incidence of TB over the last decade, falling from a peak of 4.6 cases per 100,000 population in 2013 to 2.8 cases per 100,000 people in 2021.

Celebrating the health benefits of the new 20 mph speed limit

As a new week of school and work begins with a 20 mph speed limit in place, public health experts are welcoming the health benefits it will bring.

New health outcomes data published

Public Health Wales has published new data on public health outcomes.