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Board and Executive Team

The Public Health Wales NHS Trust (Membership and Procedure) Regulations 2009 (and subsequent amendments) stipulate that the Public Health Wales Board should comprise a Chair, seven Non Executive Directors (also known as Independent members) and six Executive Directors, including the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer.

The Board functions as a corporate decision-making body, with Non Executive and Executive Directors being full and equal members sharing corporate responsibility for the decisions that it makes.

In particular, the Board has responsibility for the strategic direction, governance framework, organisational culture and development, development of strong relationships with key stakeholders and partners and delivery of Public Health Wales’ aims and objectives.

In addition, Executive Directors also have responsibility for discharging Public Health Wales’ corporate and public health functions.

The Declarations of Interest for Board Members are available on the publications scheme section of the website.

The Board Etiquette sets out the behaviours and conduct expected of all Board members and attendees, as the Board/Committees enact their stewardship role and take the lead in promoting the values and standards of conduct for the organisation and its staff.

The Board is committed to operating in as transparent, open and accountable way as is possible. There will be occasion when some of the organisation’s business is more appropriately considered in a private session; this will ensure that the business under consideration is not subject to prejudice which might cause undue harm to the public, and will also ensure that any unfair influence to the public does not take place. The Protocol for Reserving Matters to a Private Board (or Committee) has been approved by the Board to help identify the reasons which are most likely to apply to material considered by the Board (or Committee) in Private Session.