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Section 6 - Conclusion


This strategy sets out our long-term ambitions and how we will tackle the health challenges facing Wales in the coming years. While the challenges we face are difficult, we have shown in recent years what we can achieve through the commitment, professionalism and expertise of our staff.

Our strategy gives us the opportunity to build on and welcome innovative ways of working, use the potential of huge amounts and various types of information and new technologies, and work across professional boundaries and with a range of partners.

We have given our staff the power to come together, drawing on their knowledge and skills, to help shape our strategy. It will be through their expertise, skills and knowledge that we will succeed in delivering the strategy.

We will meet head on the challenges and opportunities Wales faces in the coming years and succeed through the commitment, professionalism and efforts of our staff. We will work to create an environment that encourages innovation and working in a flexible way.