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Dental Epidemiology Programme for Wales

The Dental Epidemiology Programme for Wales measures the extent, severity and impact of dental disease for Year 1 children (5-year-olds), Year 7 children (12-year-olds) and adult groups living across Wales. 

This helps us to determine the current oral health and well-being status of the population and describe inequalities across the life-course. It also helps us to understand the impact of poor oral health on general health and well-being and enables us to inform how NHS Wales can better plan and deliver dental services in the future to meet these needs.

Public Health Wales is responsible for the coordination of the Dental Epidemiology Programme for Wales. We are responsible for the design, conduct and delivery of the programme, working alongside the Welsh Oral Health Information Unit. The Community Dental Services in every health board across Wales participate in the programme.


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For more information about our oral health intelligence functions, visit Dental Public Health Oral Health Intelligence.

For reports and information prior to 2022, please visit the Welsh Oral Health Information Unit.