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Using our data and knowledge? Please complete our user survey

Published: 2 May 2023

Public Health Wales has launched its annual survey into its data and knowledge outputs.

he survey aims to understand how individuals and organisations are using our work, the impact it’s having and what can do to improve. 

Kirsty Little, Consultant lead for knowledge mobilisation, said: 

“As an organisation, we aim to inspire impactful public health action by providing high quality, well timed and accessible information. We want to ensure we put our stakeholder’s needs at the heart of the knowledge we produce.  

“By completing the survey, you can help us understand how well we’re doing now and inform what we do in the future. We’d also like to encourage you to share the survey with the colleagues and stakeholders you work with. The more views we gather, the more impact our survey will have.  

“Feedback from last year’s survey has already been used to shape work on user personas, web development, publication standards and impact framework.   

“May I take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your time.  

The survey can be accessed through the link below until the end of May and is completely anonymous. 

Public Health Wales User Survey  

If you have any questions please contact .