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Public Health Wales' Research and Evaluation division to develop culture of research as part of new strategy

Published: 20 October 2023

Public Health Wales’ Research and Evaluation division will work across the organisation to develop a culture of research. This is part of a new Research and Evaluation strategy designed to enable Public Health Wales’ overall long term strategy. 

The strategy, covers areas such as strengthening the management and support of research and evaluation activities, as well as strengthening partnerships with the wider research and evaluation community in Wales, the UK, and internationally. 

The strategy outlines how the division will involve stakeholders, including policy makers, researchers, the general public and others, to generate feedback on priority research areas. 

Elen de Lacy, Research and Evaluation Strategic Partnership Lead for Public Health Wales, said: “The development of the strategy has been very much informed by Public Health Wales’ overall long term strategy, which was launched earlier this year. 

“A research and evaluation oversight group has been established in order to support the successful implementation of the strategy.  I look forward to working across the organisation and with stakeholders in the research community, within and outside Wales, on meaningful research and evaluation activities.”