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What if I do not want to have cervical screening?

Having cervical screening is your choice. Cervical Screening Wales has a duty to invite all eligible individuals for screening.

If you do not attend for a screening test within six months of your invitation letter, you will be sent a reminder letter. If you do not attend after your reminder letter, you will not be sent a letter for five years. You can attend for screening at any time after you have been sent an invitation.

Individuals who ask for their invitation letters to be stopped, but then later decide that they would like to have screening, can come back into the programme at any time until the age of 64 (or older if they have never been screened).

We will usually send you a form to fill in, because we need to be sure that you understand what might happen if you choose not to be screened.

If you do not want to receive  invitations for cervical screening, you can contact Cervical Screening Wales.

You may be happy to be sent your invitation letters and to decide whether to attend or not, each time you are sent them.