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Gwên am byth

Gwên am byth is a national oral health improvement programme delivered by the Community Dental Services in Wales with the primary aim of improving oral health and hygiene for older people living in care homes. The essential aims of the programme are to ensure:-

  • an up-to-date mouth care policy is in place in each care home;
  • staff are trained in mouth care (including at induction) and the home keeps a register of training;
  • residents have a mouth care assessment at appropriate intervals to identify any changes that will impact on their oral health;
  • the assessment leads to an individual care plan, designed to support routine good oral hygiene that is reviewed on a regular basis; and
  • care homes are aware of how to ensure timely access to appropriate dental care and treatment when required.

Many of the resources on these pages will also be useful to unpaid carers, domiciliary care providers and health and social care staff.