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About us

The Dental Public Health Team in Public Health Wales provides system leadership and works across sectors with multiple stakeholders who can make an impact on the oral health of the Welsh population.   We work with internal and external partners to co-create shared vision on oral health improvement of the population of Wales.  Our key external partners include Health Boards, Welsh Government, Health Improvement and Education Wales, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, Digital Health and Care WalesHealthcare Inspectorate Wales, universities, dental services in Wales and UK wide organisations working on oral health agendas.

The Dental Public Health Team:

  1. Provides specialist dental public heath advice and leadership on oral health improvement including reduction in oral health inequalities
  2. Provides advice and support or influences national policies related to oral health and dental services in Wales
  3. Advises and supports strategic dental services planning at national, regional and local level
  4. Advises and assists the implementation of local and national oral health action plans
  5. Provides strategic leadership for national oral health improvement programmes
  6. Assesses oral health status and the needs of the population
  7. Leads the national dental epidemiology programme in Wales
  8. Advises the Welsh Government, health boards and other stakeholders on improvement of dental quality and safety system in Wales
  9. Supports stakeholders to integrate quality improvement into dental services delivery
  10. Advises and supports health protection issues related to dentistry
  11. Supports or commissions dental public health research and evaluation projects
  12. Provides training in the Specialty of Dental Public Health

About the All Wales Dental Public Health Team

The All Wales Dental Public Health Team consists of Consultants in Dental Public Health, a Specialist Trainee, a Dental Public Health Practitioner an Information Analyst, a Business Manager and Project Support Officers. The team works closely with academic colleagues at the Welsh Universities, especially Cardiff University.

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