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Horizon Scanning reports provide essential international learning to benefit health in Wales

Published: 10 May 2023

Public Health Wales has published its third Summary Calendar of International Horizon Scanning Reports.

The reports, originally designed to help inform the evolving coronavirus public health response and recovery plans in Wales have been expanded to cover a wide range of important and up-to-date public health topics. Evidence, policies, good practice and data from other countries, as well as guidance and updates from international agencies, are brought together in each of the reports.  

Dr Mariana Dyakova, International Health lead and WHO Collaborating Centre Deputy Director at Public Health Wales, said:   

“We are pleased to continue the International Horizon Scanning after the pandemic, having seen the high interest and positive feedback from colleagues across Public Health Wales, Welsh Government, the NHS and our international partners and networks.  

“We hope, it continues to provide useful insights from relevant countries and global agencies, helpings to inform public health priorities and emerging issues in Wales and beyond.”  

The Summary Calendar presents a short and interactive overview of the seven International Horizon Scanning Reports from 2022-2023, with themes including:  

  • Intermediate care 
  • The cost of living crisis  
  • COVID-proofing the educational environment: 4-18 years  
  • Early childhood education and care  
  • Communication campaigns for vaccine acceptance   
  • The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and increasing vulnerability  
  • The impact of COVID-19 on increasing the health gap and vulnerability  

Each of the summaries includes an overview of the topic, international case studies, and links to related work in Public Health Wales and Welsh Government.  

The International Horizon Scanning Report series provides a high-level summary of learning from real life experiences from selected countries, and from a variety of scientific and grey literature. The reports, which are published every two months, offer a brief snapshot of current evidence, policy and practice, sharing relevant country examples and international bodies’ guidance and principles. 

The Summary Calendar supports the Well-being of Future Generations Act and contributes to a healthier, more equal, resilient, prosperous and globally responsible Wales. Each report is linked to the relevant Well-being Goal.  

The Summary Calendar can be viewed here: